With Washington DC's population now its highest in 40 years and growing, it's more important than ever to focus the city's growing economic diversity and high quality of life. 
As a former New Yorker and proud DC resident for more than 3 years, I feel ready to share my passion for public service with my fellow DC citizens by championing the work underway to transform our city into a hub of inclusive, diverse and progressive economies.
See, I’m an architect and U.S. veteran that became passionate about about thriving in cities with higher quality of life and neighborhoods rich with economic opportunity for all.
And because the building sector contributes up to 30% of global annual green house gas emissions and consumes up to 40% of all energy*, I became especially driven to advocate for the smart growth of our communities. 
During my time at the Clinton Global Initiative, I led multiple strategy workshops, curated participant recruitment, facilitated strategic outreach, and programmed breakout sessions -- whatever necessary to make meaningful exchanges with high-level leaders result in concrete development projects across four key areas: Resilient Buildings and Neighborhoods, Global Health Systems, Healthy Buildings, Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health.
In fact, my work thus far will result in over $400 million dollars of global economic development when projects are fully implemented by the leaders I worked with -- including in my current organization, the American Society of Interior Designers, where I continue directing strategic program development and project management for initiatives that drive industry coalitions around age-friendly buildings and health and wellness engagement, including the ASID Protocols for Health and Wellness in Design, a practitioner development education program launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in June of 2014, and the Material ConneXion Library, a hub of knowledge and learning about building and furnishing materials launched in 2016.
I also served in both the United States Navy and the Army, practiced architecture for 7 years in New York City & Los Angeles, was a consultant in Accenture’s Resources Group, and worked for the New York City Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning & Sustainability. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and have two Masters Degrees from Columbia University in Architecture & Urban Design and in Public Administration of Environmental Science and Policy. 
Because of my diverse background, I have the experience and the judgement necessary to effectively steer the collective contributions of industry, government and NGOs on the most vital quality of life issues that impact us all.
In fact, my work thus far will result in over $400 million dollars of global economic development when projects are fully implemented


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