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In 2011 when just under 7 billion people lived in the world, the United Nations population division estimated that the world would most likely grow to 9.3 billion people by the year 2050.

For these reasons and more, I became motivated by one core theme: How can I deliver the greatest value to people in cities, transport, and energy that enable innovative transitions to a greener, low-carbon economy? 

As a former architect and military technician, integrating 7+ years of professional experience with dual graduate degrees in public administration and urban energy systems, I dig deep into opportunities to rebuild and help drive strategic, high quality links between sustainability initiatives and financial outcomes with tools such as:

+ energy markets and modeling (NPV, Payback, ROI, etc)

+ energy efficiency/HVAC systems

+ environmental policy analysis and implementation

+ mixed-use/transit oriented development

+ quantitative/qualitative analysis

+ Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)

+ carbon markets modeling

+ market entry and opportunity analysis

+ strategy planning & implementation.