How can we revitalize Adams Morgan's Triangle Parks?

Click to enlarge triangle parks map

When I learned about the Envision Adams Morgan project in late 2016, I was inspired to get more involved in my community's affairs. I saw where could add value because it was apparent to me that the community lacked champions to raise awareness about this plan, and to add energy to activating its thoughtful goals.

That's how I started. I saw that our community had triangle parks near my apartment building that needed maintenance and repairs. The Adams Morgan Vision Framework (AMVF) plan made it easy to prioritize repairing and redeveloping some of the parks into more appropriate uses for the community. But we needed to establish a benchmark for where to start and share this information in an "immersive" and experiential way because the parks themselves are all about the experiences we want to encourage in the community's public areas.

In addition to organizing community brainstorm sessions to explore possible uses for these parks, I set about to create a 360 degrees video project series to "show" people what these parks look like in 2017, and the conditions that surround them. Below is an introduction video, followed by maps of the different parks taken via Google Maps satellite imagery that are accompanied by 2 or 3 video clips of videos taken at each park site.