New Insights on Oil & Gas Drilling Productivity in the U.S.

EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski announced the newly published Drilling Productivity Report at Columbia University this week, and the key takeaway is that fewer wells have been needed to sustain production growth levels due to mechanical, technological, and operational efficiencies by drilling companies.

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Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns

The following article was originally published in The New York Times on July 11, 2013. Broder's reporting on the Department of Energy's projections of future costs of energy based on sustained increases in peak demand due to protracted heat waves and alarming shortages of power supply based on limited operational capacity due to water shortages for cooling power plants.

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NY Energy Week 2013: Event Launch

This week, New York Energy Week [NYEW] will launch its inaugural conference in various locations throughout Manhattan. I partnered with the events committee as Media Ambassador and generated these logistics tools to help attendees navigate multi-day, multi-location events.  

From the NYEW website: "New York Energy Week was founded by Energy Solutions Forum, an energy policy research and data company based in the NYC ACRE incubator, an anchor of New York’s energy startup community.

New York Energy Week is an integral part of ESF’s founding mission to support investment and collaboration among the diverse sectors of the energy industry.

As the curator of the ESF Calendar, the go-­to resource for energy business events, ESF founded the series in support of a broader vision for industry advancement by fostering cross-sector collaboration for long-term partnerships and investment. "

For more about the events, visit the @NYEnergyWeek website here

Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power Plant - Explained

Cogeneration plants recover the "waste heat" that is otherwise discarded from conventional power generation to produce thermal energy.

This energy is used to provide cooling or heating for industrial facilities, district energy systems, and commercial buildings. Through "waste heat recovery," cogeneration power plants achieve typical effective electric efficiencies of 70% to 90% — a dramatic improvement over the average 33% efficiency of conventional fossil-fueled power plants.